Rewiring Logic, part 1: Reason

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I have a particular workflow when writing demos. I open up Logic Pro, open a new session with a preset I have created called “with Reason”, then open up Reason. I use Reason to lay down ideas for drum beats, and then do my multi-tracking and DAW stuff in Logic. Reason is wired into Logic only in that I run the outputs on Reason to individual stereo Auxiliary tracks in Logic.


Ok, let me back it up a bit. I open Logic first, then opening Reason while Logic is open puts Reason into “Rewire Slave Mode”. I’ll create a Redrum drum machine in my rack, pick a patch set, flip Reason around and wire Redrum’s outputs to channels 3-4 on Reason’s Audio Out:


Then I switch to Logic, open up the Mixer (Apple-2), hit Options -> Create New Channel Strips…


Select Stereo as the format and Rewire channels 3 and 4 (RW:Cha 3/4) as my input.


At this point I’ve sucessfully mapped the output of my Redrum drum machine directly into a channel in Logic. If I want to add a synth into Reason’s rack, I’ll map it to the next pair of available channels (eg. 5 and 6).  I prefer doing it this way because for each instrument I create in Reason, I get an individual mixer channel in Logic. In each one of those channels I can assign Inserts or Sends, and even arrange them into Busses if I so wished. Very convenient, plus Logic simply has better plug-ins than Reason.

While this is fun and all, the truth is I have long been dissatisfied with Reason as a drum sequencer. More on that to come in part 2.


Written by Adam N. Copeland

November 5, 2008 - 12:02 pm at 12:02 pm

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