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No music to post, but I do have a pile of notes to put up here in case my laptop explodes. Lots of progress on a couple of pieces, “Freeway” & “Test 1”, which I will heretofor refer to as “Non-Believers”.

The idea popped into my head last night to write some words with the two lines:

“We will cut the throats of the non-believers”
“Why should I care if the kids are dancing, when there are bodies floating down the river?”

and possibly put them into a song about New Jersey, kids, dancing, hipsters, and bands that play only to get pussy. Some other lines include:

A Transit ticket tape spirals
quietly into the blank night

Although the air is frozen
The brown Passaic moves on

Streaks red as it winds
around the quiet streets

Musical Notes for “Non-Believers”:

1) D6sus2 – Bm* – C* – Dadd4*** – Em

2) D6 – Dadd9 (x?) Aadd9 – G – D/F#

3) Bm – Dmaj7** – G – F# – G – A

Bm – Dmaj7** – G – A – G – F#

Bm – Dmaj7** – G – [up 1 oct] – F# – G – A

[back to 1]

* different fingering, let all open strings ring out
** [Dmaj7sus2 – Dmaj7 – Dmaj13sus2 – Dmaj7 – Dmaj7sus4]
*** let open G ring out

Musical notes for “Freeway”

1] C#maj7 Bmaj7 A#m E Am E F# F

2] E6sus2 Em Esus2#5 Dm
A – B – F# (major chords shaped to a A6sus2)

E6sus2 Em Esus2#5 Dm
A – B – D – Dadd9 (E)

Wow. That’s a lot of ugly. As Andrew likes to say: More to come as life unfolds.


Written by Adam N. Copeland

February 21, 2006 - 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm

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  1. […] 1. (0:00) Dick Dale the Vampire – around fourtakes of it. Keeps getting tighter and tighter. 2. (12:30) Fang – one long groove part and a really super short chorus to break it up. Lloyd and Adam really got into this one, digging the groove out. I haven’t tried to do the vocals on it yet. Kind of a sung/spoken word vocal part. The tune is very Soul Coughing (I think, anyway). Around the second time through we dropped the key one whole step and went back and forth from Fang into Desolation Jones Theme, to see how well they mixed. 3. (38:00) Adam Guitar Thing – I don’t quite remember the working title of this. Possibly Test1 or Test2. [Adam – Changing working title of this to ‘Non-Believers‘, see notes here.] Either way, Adam kicks it on guitar, while I play bass. He’s added a new part to the song (at the begin) and we spent some time learning that while trying to shore up the rhythm of the two existing parts. Very cool tune. […]

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