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Moving Forward Every Day

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No music to post, but I do have a pile of notes to put up here in case my laptop explodes. Lots of progress on a couple of pieces, “Freeway” & “Test 1”, which I will heretofor refer to as “Non-Believers”.

The idea popped into my head last night to write some words with the two lines:

“We will cut the throats of the non-believers”
“Why should I care if the kids are dancing, when there are bodies floating down the river?”

and possibly put them into a song about New Jersey, kids, dancing, hipsters, and bands that play only to get pussy. Some other lines include:

A Transit ticket tape spirals
quietly into the blank night

Although the air is frozen
The brown Passaic moves on

Streaks red as it winds
around the quiet streets

Musical Notes for “Non-Believers”:

1) D6sus2 – Bm* – C* – Dadd4*** – Em

2) D6 – Dadd9 (x?) Aadd9 – G – D/F#

3) Bm – Dmaj7** – G – F# – G – A

Bm – Dmaj7** – G – A – G – F#

Bm – Dmaj7** – G – [up 1 oct] – F# – G – A

[back to 1]

* different fingering, let all open strings ring out
** [Dmaj7sus2 – Dmaj7 – Dmaj13sus2 – Dmaj7 – Dmaj7sus4]
*** let open G ring out

Musical notes for “Freeway”

1] C#maj7 Bmaj7 A#m E Am E F# F

2] E6sus2 Em Esus2#5 Dm
A – B – F# (major chords shaped to a A6sus2)

E6sus2 Em Esus2#5 Dm
A – B – D – Dadd9 (E)

Wow. That’s a lot of ugly. As Andrew likes to say: More to come as life unfolds.


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February 21, 2006 - 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm

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Not sure why I picked it, but the word “freeway” sprang to mind after about a minute of thinking not-too seriously about what to call this new idea I’ve been kicking around. I’ve got a buttload of ideas. I really ought to organize them and finish one. Hm. Well here’s another:

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February 20, 2006 - 7:28 pm at 7:28 pm

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Trying to push sceneless into the 21st Century.

For me that means:

  • Posting more often – daily, if possible. No one’s going to subscribe to an RSS feed that updates once every four days.
  • Including music in posts. I’m attaching Mp3s to articles and using coralized links to keep people from bombarding us.
  • I’ve submitted the site to The Hype Machine
  • The most important part, and the one to set sceneless apart from everybody else: More User Interaction. People who casually read the site should sign up for accounts and post comments, vote on polls, submit their own literature, etc.

So with that, I’ve posted three articles in the last two days with links to Mp3 files.


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February 16, 2006 - 3:05 pm at 3:05 pm

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Time once again to assess what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve got a nice new title at work, and a nice new salary. Lots of big words, but overall I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to keep working where I’m at (and for more pay). Do I like it? Not really. Working there gives me the freedom to pursue things in my out-of-work life I really love doing.  However, I can’t shake the feeling that I would be much happier making less money doing what I love to do for a living.

That said, let’s assess:

In the last month I came up with a cover and insert layout for the 4-song demo we Meltdowns are going to be hocking to venues all over the tri-state area. We also had a show in Sussex County that I would chalk up as a total failure, except that the good people of out West took a shine to our tunes.

I’ve made some feeble attempts at getting Tank Crash off the ground. Billy has put a lot of his time into assembling packages for the ZD album, and sending them out into the aether. I honestly feel like I’m taking a well-deserved break from that for a little while, as I spent the better part of two months mixing it, and two more with the art and printers. I’ve emailed a few music blogs, and the reception has been nothing but the cold shoulder.*

I enrolled myself in February Album Writing Month. I’m typically fatalistic and my normal instincts would tell me to stay away from something like that. But, I figured it couldn’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything but sleep  and drink this month, so I’ve done two or three things in fragments, but exactly zero complete tunes. I don’t even have a short recording I can post here.

Meh. So there it is. Clichéd indeed. Sending pessimistic messages off into the cesspool of the Internet. Private thought filtered for public consumption.
*Tangent: I get this creeping feeling that there’s more Pay to Play bullshit going on behind the scenes. Not because the blogs won’t play our stuff, but because I can’t even get a “yes” or “no” answer back from anybody. Just swept under the rug. It’s a fucked up thing to work hard for almost half a year on something, building it completely from scratch, and wanting to share it with others – only to see it passed over by everybody. People whose opinions you trust gloss over or don’t reply. Blogs push the new Morningwood album because Capitol Records slid them a few hundred bucks. I would honestly rather hear “your CD fucking sucks” than silence.


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February 16, 2006 - 2:59 pm at 2:59 pm

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Something for your brain

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Juvenile, yes, but I think I like it:



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February 6, 2006 - 10:05 pm at 10:05 pm

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